Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cultivating a Servant's Heart

One of the top struggles of a worship team is dealing with pride, ego and envy. What can a worship team do to ensure this attitude remains at bay? A while ago, I found (no longer available) which contained multiple resources valuable to an effective worship team. The site provided multiple seminars dealing with various issues of working with a worship team. Various worship leaders, some well known, called in and provided a 1-hr long seminar on their topic. Every seminar was recorded and provided free to members of the site. WorshipVanguard has every recording and all the seminar notes. The below seminar is by Rory Noland who tackles the issue of pride and ego. Another seminar, later, will specifically deal with envy. So, get your notepad, and listen carefully to the wise words of Rory Noland as he explains how to cultivate a servant's heart even when you are on stage and in the spotlight. God bless.

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