Monday, November 30, 2009

King David's Original Music

For those who know me well, I love music. I like listening to it, scoring it, analyzing it, arranging it and composing it. Recently, I've been studying King David's music development strategy. Keep in mind, I do not have a music degree so my knowledge is somewhat limited. So, I find what I can by researching using the Internet for nuggets of info that support the subject. In my personal research, I found a site that used note-for-note transcriptions of the Davidic Cipher to produce an audio of how King David actually wrote his psalms. Hearing music as it was written thousands of years ago absolutely amazes me. The people at "The Music of the Bible" has an incredible compilation of David's psalms transcribed for our listening pleasure. Their site not only provides the audio of the songs, but also the original Hebrew, the English translation, and some very good background information on music in the Bible. Feel free to check out the link, and post here what you think of this ancient Hebrew music. As for me, I love this stuff.

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