Friday, November 27, 2009

Worship Musician Development

In serving with various worship teams over the years, I've observed all had one commonality. All teams had no musician development strategy in place. When I asked worship leaders, "What do you do with the musician who doesn't make the audition cut?" The typical response is that they instruct the musician to keep working hard and audition in the next cycle. Another situation I've dealt with is when the worship team is closed. The same musicians play week in and week out with no "2nd string" musicians. I must be honest, this dismays me. I know more churches today want a talented praise team so the music flows more seamlessly, and a level of excellence is expected out of the musicians. However, what is the church doing to raise up musicians? From what I've observed, most musicians get their training in public schools, private lessons, community orchestras, garage bands, etc. Where is the church among all this?

Does your worship team train musicians? If so, what process do you have? How well does it work? How many leaders make this process possible? How many musicians do they train? What would you suggest other churches focus on to create such a process?

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