Saturday, May 11, 2013

Songwriting Exercise

Hey worship songwriters!!!!  If you're like me, the songwriting freshness has worn off a little bit, and you could use a boost!  Soooooo, I thought I might present a songwriting exercise to fellow worship songwriters in hopes to spark that desire in us to write again and more often.  Here we go:

* Take a few minutes to look around you, and focus on ONE object that catches your attention.
* Got that object in mind?  Think about all the attributes of that object: color, weight, size, purpose, design, etc.
* Ask the Father to share with you attributes of that object that relate to your relationship with him.  Ask him questions like: What do the attributes of this object say about me?  What do the attributes this object say about you?  What do the attributes of this object say about our relationship?  Etc.
* Think about metaphors, similes, allegories, colloquialisms, etc.
* If you are willing, share them here.  NOTE: Simply share the name of the object and the list of attributes and/or functionalities that apply to accumulate ideas.  Who knows, songs may come out of this process.

Any takers?


  1. Great idea for an exercise Melanie!

    1. Thanks, Nate. Please pass this along to other songwriters you know. Blessings!

  2. OK. I guess I'll start in hopes more people would join in on the fun.

    OBJECT: TV Tray

    * Holds food (acts as a serving table)
    * Folds into a compact space
    * Is not used very often, but useful when it is
    * Made out of wood

    What the attributes say about me:
    * I was created to serve
    * I am flexible
    * My functions may not be used everyday, but I am useful when I am needed.
    * I am sturdy enough to carry weight

    What the attributes say about my relationship with God:
    * He created me to serve Him. If it means that I simply sit still and hold items, then I have joy doing what pleases Him.
    * Since I'm able to hide away or expand to serve when needed, He wants to use how he created me in restful moments.
    * He may not use me every moment of everyday, but I'm available to serve at a moment's notice.
    * Since I'm made strong, God desires to give me more weighty matters in the areas of service.

    Ok, your turn! Who's next?

  3. Great Post!! Great website...Thank you!!