Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Refuge: Sabbatical Retreat

Back in October 2011, I had the privilege of attending a 3-day REFUGE sabbatical retreat.  The retreat was held at St. Simons Community Church in St Simons Island, GA and hosted by Fred McKinnon, worship pastor of St Simons Community Church and founder of TheWorshipCommunity.com.

From www.RefugeSSI.com
It was an amazing time.  We hung out with incredible people like Ian Morgan Cron (author of "Chasing Francis" and "Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me"), Trent Smith (worship leader, singer, musician, and songwriter), and Debby Berry (CEO of PraiseCharts).  We set time aside to stop, refocus, recharge, and enjoy the presence of the Heavenly Father.  The main theme of this retreat was "unhurried."  Although activities were planned, the intention was to have an unhurried flow so that attendees did not feel rushed or herded into a bunch of sessions.

Since the last Refuge was so wonderful, I'd like to inform the Worship Vanguard of 2013's Refuge coming up March 3-5.  It will have the same purpose, but the format will be a little different.  One special guest to Refuge will be Gary Molander (author of "Pursuing Christ. Creative Art").  Trent Smith will be back to minister to everyone through music.  If I understand correctly, this retreat will foster an atmosphere to encourage creativity through worship.

If you are available to attend this retreat, I highly recommend it to all of you who would love to rest and recharge with other ministry leaders.  Early Bird registration is $99 (until Oct 10), so you'll get more bang for your buck if you can register early.  Trust me, you will thoroughly enjoy this retreat!  So please check out the website, and consider attending.  Here is the link again: www.RefugeSSI.com.

You can also follow the retreat on Twitter or on Facebook.

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