Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday SetList - June 12, 2011

Today was the first Sunday I’ve been able to join the larger worship gathering in 4 weeks.  Praise God I did today!!  This morning was pretty powerful.  I’m still overwhelmed by the unity in the place as we seek God’s heart, and pray for a revival starting with us.

The music opened things up with:
With Everything
Our God is Love
You Are Good

During “You Are Good,” our worship leader opened up the congregation to cry out to God, listen for his voice, and share what they are hearing from God.  Two men spoke up and prayed as if God is speaking to us saying, “Draw near to me!”  People shouted in agreement, and the unity in the place was amazing.  Unity like that can only come from the Holy Spirit!!

The band closed out the set list with "Greatest Gift", and the pastor continued in our worship by speaking from Acts 3 and 4.  The question he asked from this passage is “What did Peter have to give the crippled beggar?”  The answer came down to being with Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and giving the man freedom from his illness that kept him bound since birth.  Of course, the healing came from Christ through Peter.  Our pastor calls this "compulsive faith."  When we are compelled (sometimes against our will) to speak of God's salvation, we are developing a godly compulsion in our faith.  At the end of the meeting, our pastor had everyone read the prayer of Peter’s in Acts 4:29-30 together in our own speed, each making it a personal prayer.  Even though it sounded jumbled since people spoke from different bible versions and different speeds, it was awesome to experience the unity in spirit.  We, as a congregation, are seeking God to reveal more of himself to us, so that we may have the boldness to speak of what we hear and see from him.  Amen and praise the Lord!!!

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