Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Six “Pure Praise” Take-Aways

I recently completed an online study with some folks over at theworshipcommunity.com.  The study is called "Pure Praise" written by Dwayne Moore.  During this nine-week study, the Lord moved my heart in some powerful ways!  Admittedly, I am not currently a part of a worship team.  The reason why I decided to join the study is because I heard so many good things about it, and I also heard it applies to congregant worshipers.  Indeed it does!  The title of “Pure Praise” is so appropriate.  Even church attendees can benefit from this study, and that’s where I got the most out of it - from that perspective.  My desire is to please the Lord and one way of doing that is ensuring my praise is pure before Him!  With that said, here are my 6 noteworthy take-aways from the study.

1.  The Daily Praise/Daily Surrender portions were very effective to me.  I was daily reminded to remain focused on my praise for the Lord (even those elements of praise I still consider uncomfortable), and encouraged to allow the Lord to reveal those deep, dark crevices in my spirit where I need to seek his forgiveness and recalibrate my thinking.
2.  My spirit desires more physical worship, but my flesh likes to put up a fight.  Although physical worship is very biblical (throughout all of scripture), I’m still uncomfortable with certain expressions.  Clapping and raising hands are no big deal, but I still struggle with the others to varying degrees.  So, I’ve opened myself up more to the Lord in this area.  I’m still maturing.
3.  I love the anchor story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:1-30.  There is so much praise and worship in that one story!  No wonder Dwayne Moore centered the study on that one amazing event!  I’m still impressed with how much about praise and worship we can draw from 30 verses that demonstrate obedience, faith, and the glory of God!
4.  About halfway through the study, Moore encouraged participants to listen to the Lord’s voice more.  The Lord gave me more than I expected!  I heard the Lord speak to me in ways he never has before.  My life is more centered on his ways, his timing, and his authority.  Glory to his name!
5.  The Lord revealed to me that my “awe” of him remains somewhat superficial.  There remains a degree of mysticism in my worship.  I want to see more of God so that I may revere him, as I should.  He is King over all the earth!
6.  The mountain analogy throughout the study seemed so appropriate to me.  By the end of the study, I felt tired and frustrated.  The very last week about finishing strong allowed me to breathe easy as I continue on my journey in a much better stride.  Time will tell how the Lord uses this study through me for his kingdom.

I pray the Lord will use what I have learned, and help me apply it in a manner holy and acceptable to Him.  If anyone is interested in developing a pure praise for the Lord whose love endures forever, this study is a MUST.  Thank you, Dwayne Moore, for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit while writing this study.  I’m truly blessed!  Blessings to you and your family!

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