Friday, April 16, 2010

Music Collaboration

For the last few months, I've been collaborating with other musicians from around the country on music projects.  It's really been a blessing.  Each month, I try to write a song based on predetermined scripture passages from The Worship Community (TWC).  I must be honest and say that it is tough.  Songwriting is not easy by any stretch.  The process becomes a bible study and a time to actively seek God on how the scriptures speak to me as a Christ follower.  Personally, I am blessed with this kind of opportunity.  I'm finding joy in every aspect.  Praise God!!!

If you have acquired a passion for songwriting, feel free to collaborate with other musicians through TWC or Kompoze.  Get feedback, strengthen your skill, and be open to learn what the Lord wants to teach you in the process.  My contributions to the songwriting process are provided below through both sites.  Feel free to join me in the collaborative effort on either site.  It's all about Jesus and making him known.  Jesus is Lord!

The Worship Community Collaborative Threads
February Collab - Into Your Hands
March Collab - Riches of Grace
April Collab - (In Progress) Collaborative Projects
Into Your Hands
Riches of Grace (In Progress)
Hold On To Me, Baby (Note: Song written as a lullaby for a newborn baby)

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